Two Documentaries in the Bag.

Two in one day is actually a pretty big accomplishment for me...and I'm damn near about to start Friday the 13th pt.III. It's amazing how much having a hangover helps me get things done.

This was a pretty fantastic documentary if you're the type of person that gets off on watching the oppressed(American version) fight for civil liberties *raises hand*. I'm inspired, pissed off, motivated, and touched. Even though I'm fairly certain that we as human beings have an equivalence to that of a ________, I really don't mean that in a negative way. I'm just laying out what might be "reality", if there is such a thing. With that being said I get really fucking pissed off when people get manipulated(including me), by way of fear and/or pretentiousness, into thinking that their equivalence is some how different than any other humans'. Especially when it's by a movement that should have died out 0ne thousand years ago, that often times leads to anything from emotional violence to death. But getting back to the film, if it is in fact a fairly accurate snapshot of the struggles facing the sexual minorities in the dirty south then I'd like to reach my hand out and congratulate the film maker on a damn fine job. I'm half tempted to call/write the founder of Different Seasons to see if there are any sort of donations they could use to help with the longevity of their establishment.

Wha wha weeeeee whaaaa! This movie has very hastily justified a on-the-fence Netflix subscription purchase from earlier this afternoon. I really don't even know where to begin with this one besides that it's the very best bullshit that money can buy. That pretty much sums up the entire film. I enjoyed it immensely, I found the closing statements greatly profound, and I've never laughed so hard while laying in bed alone...well there was that one time, but you get the picture. Do it!
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SBGs, FTW!!!

plnsng is likely to try to convince you that SBCs > SBGs. While her argument is totally valid I'd just like to say that mastering the Palomino SBGs was far easier than I ever anticipated...and now with a years supply of ingredients I'm not really seeing any convincing evidence that I need to leave the house for all of 2009.


I saw Milk at the Castro Theatre last Wednesday with kristinak and absinthedreams.

It was really neat to see the theatre that we were sitting in displayed throughout many scenes of the movie.

I highly recommend everyone see this film...I even shedded a couple of tears.

At the end of the film they displayed side by side pictures of the main actors and correlating real life people. Some of the people had since died and some, to my surprise, were still very active in San Francisco politics. Neato!

The most interesting thing that I took away from this movie was how the presence of hostility toward homosexuals in San Francisco was very prevalent as recent as the 1970s.

I always assumed that my city was unapologetically gay from the dawn of time, but this movie made it seem like in the 70s there were hordes of rednecks, equipped with baseball bats, laying wait in the shadows for the sexual deviance alarm to sound...or maybe it was some sort of batman-like signal...I'm imagining it probably looked something like this:

Which leads us to modern day injustices:

But in trying to keep with optimism I think it's important to note the amount of progression of consciousness that's evident by being a part of the San Francisco community. Nobody really gives two fucks about what you do in your bedroom around here these days and if the Milk film was an accurate depiction of 70s SF culture then I'd like to say you've come long way, baby.

I say give it another 20 years, let some more of these older Christians get the boot by there boo, and I think we'll be on to something.

Fuck You Bill Gates!

I didn't ask you to automatically update my computer last night and then restart it.

Seriously, fuck you!

I never set automatic updates up that way. You did it when you were upgrading me to SP3.

I'd like to beat your fucking ass right now.

Next time you plan on coming over and fucking my shit up maybe you might want to look into if I have any new/unsaved development tests running, you fucking prick. I stayed at work until 11pm working on that shit last night, you dickweed.

I'd like to beat this shit out of you and your whole fucking family right now.

Cock sucker!

Hank III

I'm obsessed.


I'm digging his whole catalog.

He started out in '99 straight up country and western and has now developed into a hybrid of that and metal.



Get the new album.