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kristinak and I have both experienced this week what has been called our first mirgraine headaches. I believe she's gotten better, however I am posting this from the emergency room. I tried to go back to the doctor on Friday to tell him that my symptoms haven't gone away but he didn't call me back nor did his off hours service answer the phone. I'm pretty irked about that and the fact that my insurance company doesn't take calls on the weekend. WTF! So I have been trying to make it through the weekend because migraines don't last more than a few days, right? Well that's what I thought until about 10pm tonight when my head was still feeling like it was going to go explodey. I got pretty freaked out and worked myself into a state of mind that really didn't give a fuck how much the ER bill was going to be. Note to future self DO NOT watch House while dealing with an undiagnosed medical problem. Its just not a good idea.

The doctor here is talking sinus headaches a whatnot, which actually feels more legit than a mirgaine. I don't really have a headache, I just feel very constricted and my vision is very messed up. I'm waiting on Doc to get me some drugs and then I'll be on my way. Hopefully this works because the prospect of pulling my right eyeball out is sounding pretty good if this doesn't work.

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